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Southern Italian Inspired


How many times have you heard it, “our customer service cannot be beat.” Sure, it’s cliché, but when it’s the truth, it’s easy to say. And the truth is, that’s what drives us.Customer service is much more than a saying, it’s a passion. It’s a feeling you get; from Rocco’s smile when you enter the door, to the anticipation your feel when your favorite meal arrives. For 40 years, dishes on our menu have remained as good today as they were when you first stepped inside our doors, or tasted our food for the first time at your friend’s wedding.

Our restaurant’s walls are filled with letters from those who’ve enjoyed our legendary service whether it be catering your Christmas celebration, to exceeding your expectations for the office meeting when everything had to be perfect.

Along the way, you have become our finest marketers, telling your friends about Muriale’s, and telling us what makes your taste buds come alive. Our menu is a reflection of those tastes from the classics to new recipes designed especially for you.Dining at our place, bringing it to your house, picking it up for your company’s picnic, or anything you can dream up when you think of food, we’re experts in understanding your tastes and expectations.

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